Simple Home Workouts

You might have to work around the furniture for an at-home workout

What are the best at-home workouts?  This is the question I get asked the most on social media.  My answer is always the same: "Whatever  you choose that you actually do!"  But there's only so much you can say in a short post.  I'd like to elaborate a bit. There are a lot of factors to consider when you're developing an at-home workout routine.  How much space and time do you have?  How much equipment should you buy?  What do you enjoy doing?  Should you exercise outdoors or inside?  Likely the answers to these questions will vary depending on the day, week, time of year, and how busy you are! Multiple options. Sometimes your favorite workout doesn't happen for whatever reason so you need to have back-up options.  Maybe a run around the pond gets derailed by bad weather, but you still have 30 minutes.  What do you have as a backup that you can do at home so you are staying active?  Think about fitness DVDs or maybe even some kettlebell swings. Variety is best. Cross-training will make you stronger and less prone to injury.  If you have limited space and only a few pieces of fitness gear, it's easy to get into the same-old, same-old rut.  Have three or four workouts that you do regularly and change them up seasonally. Buy yourself fitness treats. Since you're exercising at home, you're saving a ton of money on a gym membership, right?  So buy yourself a fitness treat every once in a while.  A new yoga mat, a gizmo you've been wanting to try, a new workout DVD, or the best possible option, an at-home session with a personal trainer.  That will really shake up your workout! Bare bones vs. fancy. Do you have a spare bedroom or basement area that you can convert into a home gym?  If you do, I'm envious!  I have a pile of weights in the corner of the TV room with some exercise bands and a few random small props.  The space you have will determine what kind of equipment you can have.  Resistance bands take up the least amount of room, and if you've got a comfy rug you won't even need a yoga mat. That's about as barebones as you can get!  Of course you can go all the way and buy a few pieces of cardio equipment, racks of weights, exercise balls, and anything else your heart desires.   Just remember that the one who actually works out the most wins, not the one with the most stuff. Solo or group. Some people work out at home because they want to be alone.  For others, it's a necessity due to time and/or money.  If you'd rather work out with others, invite them, from your spouse to your neighbor to your local friends.  Ask them to come over for a workout and you'll get some time to connect while you get your sweat on.  You might even wind up with a permament workout buddy which is even better. I've written before about equipment for an at home gym, from $50 to "sky's the limit."  Let me know what your favorite home workout is and if you prefer to work out solo or with friends. Cheers, Lisa

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2 Responses to Simple Home Workouts

  1. Mitchell - Home Fitness Manual May 17, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Lisa, ummm if I could go “sky’s the limit” I don’t think I’d ever leave my garage-gym. But in seriousness, I prefer the solo workout. The reason why I don’t like to workout with a partner is because the training styles usually don’t align, and this almost always leads to the awkward moment of someone being finished before the other.


  2. Lisa Johnson May 19, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    Mitchell, I hear you on the training partners, you have to find someone in step with what your doing, or willing to adapt a bit to your style (as you adapt to theirs). But if you’re doing a pretty strict program then yes, solo might be the way to be. L–

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