Sex and Happiness

You know the scene in the movies?  The one with the couple flat on their backs, gazing at the ceiling, sheets draped artfully and messily, a deep look of satisfaction on their faces, maybe a sigh.  Sex makes you happy, at least for a few moments.  But what about later? What about the rest of your life? I came across a landmark 2003 study from Dartmouth that looks at several aspects of sex and happiness.  I also discovered the Durex study with some more statistics that tease out a few points about happiness and sex:
  • Married people have more sex than single, widowed, separated, or divorced people, but people who live together but aren't married have the most sex.
  • The average American has sex 2 to 3 times per month.
  • Sex makes you happier if you've achieved a higher level of education.
  • Americans are slightly below average on the sex list; internationally, people have sex on average 127 times per year, Americans only 118.  Eastern Europeans have the most at 150 times per year!  Singapore was at the bottom with only 96.
I'm hardly an expert here.  My repertoire leans more towards sets and reps in the gym than what happens between the sheets.  But I do think part of a healthy lifestyle is a good sex life.  I think it can be the first thing to go when you have low self-esteem or a falling out with your significant other. If we feel good about our bodies then we're more apt to share them with our lovers and I think that's where I come in (as a fitness professional). What have you done lately to feel good about your body?  Some ideas:
  • Buy something to wear that you feel really good in
  • Do a strenuous workout that leaves you mighty impressed with yourself
  • Engage in a rousing discussion with your significant other about something other than the kids and the chores; think politics, physics, or an indie flick
  • Plan a romantic evening with candle light, a fancy meal, bottle of wine, the whole she-bang
Of course, doing these things by themselves will make you happy.  If it puts you in the mood, even better.  What do you think about sex and happiness?  Is it over-rated?  Are you blissful without it?  Or do you find your life runs a little smoother with a regular dose? Please share but keep it clean!  Thanks, Lisa

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Lisa Johnson here. I've been a personal trainer since 1997, a Pilates instructor since 1998 and the owner of Modern Pilates since 1999. I'm hoping to give you some good ideas to get or stay in shape with a healthy dose of humor and reality. Thanks for joining me.

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5 Responses to Sex and Happiness

  1. Dansull123 August 25, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    “but people who live together but aren’t married have the most sex.”
    That’s the secondary reason I don’t believe in Marriage!

    Sex maintains my happiness, I wouldn’t say it creates it. But I’m an angry SOB if I have to go more than a week without it, its my exercise and stress relief.

  2. Tara Burner August 25, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    I’m totally blissful, enjoy life and am happy without sex…I wont even mention how long it’s been but it’s been a looong time…and I’m happily single, not dating anyone and have no intentions on dating anyone or having sex anytime soon.

  3. Lisa Johnson August 25, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    Thanks Dan and Tara for the comments :-)

  4. Arun Shanbhag September 4, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    … and exercise increases testosterone levels. :-) Yaay!

  5. Lisa Johnson September 4, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    yay! ;-)

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