Prepping for a Fitness DVD: The Slog of Weight Loss


I'm liking how I'm looking

I've been on my "lose weight in preparation to shoot an exercise DVD" diet for nearly 40 days ... and the shiny newness has definitely worn off.  Thankfully, so have most of the cravings. Here's the quick update: I lost another inch total from my body measurements all over and I stayed steady at 5 pounds total that I've lost, no additional weight loss this past week.  I'm feeling a little bloated though, and yes, my period is approaching. Next week should be fun with the measurements. Heh. I do like how I'm looking. I can see it in the photo at right versus the picture I took just one month ago. There's more work to be done, but the results are showing. With any weight loss or healthy eating plan (which can create weight loss if you need it), there are always the initial successes, the fun with new recipes in the kitchen, the sharing of your weekly triumphs with friends and then ... well, no one really cares anymore. Ultimately it's just yourself and your food decisions and there begins the slog. I have to give kudos to my family; they've been really supporting me on this journey and my husband (mostly because he eats my cooking) has pretty much joined along with me. That said, when he's eating lunch or dinner on his own, he's quite likely to go for a burger, sandwich, or pasta dish ... anything starchy to get his fix.


My brain has gone on automatic. I know what I can eat and I quickly make choices in restaurants and grocery stores to stay on my plan. Can I just make one complaint about restaurants, though?  When I say "double side of veggies, no oils please," I usually get double veg drenched in butter.  Can someone please tell the cooks and chefs of America to stop dumping oils on everything?  There's nothing like a freshly steamed green bean that still has a little bit of snap to it.  It's simply not as good with a spicy, oily sauce dumped on top. #okthxbai

Basically, I'm Paleo

For the most part what I've been eating is a Paleo diet. Lean proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables, no starch, no sugar, no dairy, no grains. There are some variations between "The Smarter Science of Slim" diet (which has been my model for this project) and the Paleo diet.  The "SSoS" diet lets you dial up or down your grain and dairy servings; paleo just plays hardcore.  So I've given in and purchased "Practical Paleo" by Diane Sanfilippo (Amazon affiliate link) which, I have to say, has some pretty darned tasty-looking recipes. I'll be trying a few of these over the next week or so. (And yes, Kerri from FitViews, I can hear you chuckling.  Go ahead leave a comment!  :-)

Back to the Video

I still don't have a shoot date set for the video. This gives me the illusion that I have some leeway past the 60 days that I'm doing now. I don't know if I'll need a few extra days or not, but I need to fight that complacency. I've been working hard on HIIT moves and refining my Pilates mat choreography.  I'm trying to create a variety of moves that are more than the usual run of the mill stuff. Yes, there will be squats on the HIIT video, but I want some fresh moves too. And yes, there will be hundreds in the Pilates video, but I've got some sidelying leg moves that are killer, fun, and unique.  I'm pretty sure you'll really like them! So onward and upward ... or perhaps I should say downward? ... as the inches keep falling off, the scale keeps going down, and the fitness routines keep shaping up.  It seems to be going alright.  No drastic measures needed.  Yet! And here's a quick Pilates workout with a twist that I'm adapting as part of the lineup of exercises we'll be filming. Enjoy! Cheers, Lisa

About Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson here. I've been a personal trainer since 1997, a Pilates instructor since 1998 and the owner of Modern Pilates since 1999. I'm hoping to give you some good ideas to get or stay in shape with a healthy dose of humor and reality. Thanks for joining me.

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2 Responses to Prepping for a Fitness DVD: The Slog of Weight Loss

  1. Sonia August 29, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Hey. Have been following your quest. Impressive- I take my hat off to you!
    My suggestions from reading this (and it’s totally ok if you’re ot up for suggestions at this stage) is to cut the fruit back to a small amount (not in the ‘lots’ category) and to get thee to a crossfit gym… Even if it’s only 2 times or week. If that doesnt whip your butt (which is just fine in proportion i.m.o) then nothing will…
    Try it for a week and see where you weight goes.

    Also, maybe you need some butter and EFAs…. I know Jonathan isn’t a big fan but mark session, Abel James and David Asprey (to name just a few) are pretty keen on them for weir loss…

    Either way, you’re doing an amazing job. I know that kind of pressure would send me over the edge so keep at it!!


  2. Kerri O August 29, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    Can’t wait to see the finished videos! Me chuckling? ;) Just smiling. You look amazing.

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