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Single Mingling in the Gym

What’s the best way to approach a hottie at the gym? I offer up some tips.

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Six Tips for Great Abs

Here are six easy tips to get that six pack. They work and they’re almost painless.

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Food-Borne Illness Underreported: Check Your State

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) keeps track of how often we get sick from the food we eat. Often those numbers are underreported. Here’s a chart to see how your state fares.

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Exercise Through the Decades: I Cover Them All

How to exercise for every decade of your life. From the baby years into your 90s, we’ve got it all covered.

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Where’s the Beef? What Qualifies As Food These Days

The Taco Bell lawsuit brings to light lobbying efforts which have somehow negotiated “beef” into only needing to be 35% meat to qualify. What does this mean for what we’re eating?

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“The 4-Hour Body”: Thoughts on Week 4

I’ve been on the Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body for four full weeks now. Here are my results and my recommendations. Plus a little surprise from Doctor Oz.

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