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Yoga vs Pilates: The New York Times is wrong

The New York Times really needs to find some better studies. A study with only 9 people doesn’t do the yoga vs Pilates debate justice. Here are the facts.

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Is “All Things in Moderation” a Crutch?

The problem with letting things slide is when “moderation” becomes a daily occurrence. Here’s how to reverse the slide off the edge …

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30-Day Challenges: 3 Important Tips

Taking on a month’s worth of exercise brings its own challenges. By keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to have a successful 30 days.

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Fitness Dates: Great ideas for you and your honey

Fitness dates are a great way to get closer to your guy or gal, feel great, and even snuggle. Here are 5 dates to try and 2 to avoid!

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Can You Exercise Too Much? New Studies Raise Flags

Too much is never enough. Or is it? New studies are starting to show a point at which exercise can start to harm you instead of helping.

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10 Reasons To Workout With Your Spouse

Getting sweaty with your loved one has more benefits than healthy living. Here are 10 reasons to say I Do to exercising together.

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