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body hackers, calipers

Body Hackers and Measuring Your Body

Body Hackers are very fond of keeping track of bodily functions. ALL of them. The scale is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at what else they do.

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fall fitness ideas, tennis, tennis racquet

Fall Fitness Ideas

Fall fitness means trying new things and pushing ourselves. It also means doing a little check to see where we are now. We’ve got tons of ideas!

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Greg the DJ: Songs to Add to Your Workout Playlist

Looking for fresh tracks to sweat to? Here are 11 songs that are perfect for a Fall 2013 workout mix!

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bringing lunch to work, brown bag lunch

Bringing Lunch to Work: Is it Really Healthier?

Bringing lunch to work seems like the healthiest option, but there are pitfalls. Here’s how to stay healthy and slim with these simple tricks.

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fitness friday, bowling

Fitness Friday: 10 Ideas to Move!

Fitness Friday! Here are some fun activities to try out this weekend from bowling to “sports that take longer,” we’ve got you covered.

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Healthy Living Books That Inspire

Choosing the right healthy living book can be really tough. Here are some great books that have inspired me to eat more, exercise more, and be happy.

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