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Is Egg Yolk Bad For You? Apparently, Yes

A recent study claims that eating eggs can be as bad as smoking cigarettes. What does this mean for your morning breakfast?

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Prepping for a Fitness DVD: The Slog of Weight Loss

I’m about 2/3rds of the way through my 60-day challenge to diet down for my fitness DVDs. The weight is coming off steadily, but is it fast enough?

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2011 US Obesity Rates

How Fat Is Your State? The Latest Rankings

Americans keep getting bigger as obesity rates climb once again. How fat is your state?

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pint of Guinness

The Reluctant Hubby: The Brew-haha

How does a middle-age man balance his love for a frosty pint with his desire to keep a svelte figure? The battle wages on!

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clothes rack

How Do You Measure Dress Size? Even the Stores Don’t Know

Dress sizes are all over the place and vanity sizing has gotten out of control. I’ve tracked down the variations in sizes and compared them to what a size 8 used to be. You’ll be surprised.

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food label

Label Requirements for Food: Here Come the Lawsuits

The Food Industry has had over 25 lawsuits filed against it this year. This represents a full-fledged attack from well-funded lawyers trying to get companies to change the way America eats. The war is on … and it’ll be fun to watch. Here’s their strategy.

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