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Fitness Bloggers and Food Sponsors

Should fitness bloggers be shilling for food companies that might not be healthy? Where’s the breaking point between healthy living and making a living?

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two candidates sweating

The Fitness Vote: Is it a Factor in This Year’s Election?

Does the manner and types of exercises a person uses to stay in shape reflect on the type of elected official they’ll be? I think so and here’s why …

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Prepping For a Fitness DVD: I’m a Bit Stunned

I’ve lost 8 1/2 inches in measurements across my body in seven weeks! How cool is that? Plus, I pull back the curtain even further of what I’m doing to prep for my video shoot.

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The Reluctant Hubby: The Summer of Slug

How did I do on my 100 days of summer activity? Read on and find out.

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When is the End of Summer? Not This Weekend

Don’t you dare think life is over ’cause the summer is over. Because neither is. Stop being a glass half empty person and drink in all that life pours out.

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Is Egg Yolk Bad For You? Apparently, Yes

A recent study claims that eating eggs can be as bad as smoking cigarettes. What does this mean for your morning breakfast?

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