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Weekend Warrior: Basketball

The NCAA basketball tournament is going on and perhaps you’re inspired to shoot some hoops with your friends this weekend. Here’s some things to keep in mind.

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Ladies Sporting Larger Bras

Women’s breast size has increased significantly in the last 10 years. Here’s why.

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Your Dose of Daily Exercise

How much do you need to exercise every day? Some new research points were just released from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Jamie Oliver Wants to Save the World

The premise of the show is to drop a fish-out-of-water Brit into the middle of the unhealthiest city in the US. Huntington, WV leads the country in heart disease, diabetes and obesity rates. More than 50% of it’s population is obese, not just overweight, obese.

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Michelle Obama Fights Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama is trying to cure childhood obesity in one generation. Here’s her plan on how to do it. Warning, scary statistics!

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Madonna Vibrates For Fitness

The heritage of this machine comes from the Russian Olympic training program back in the 1960s. The Russians expended a great deal of money and time crafting better athletes and they came up with this vibrating platform as one way to do it

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