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High-End Groceries at Low-End Prices

My local wholesome grocery store is Whole Foods. Most of my clients at my Pilates studio (and these are relatively affluent people) refer to it as Whole Paycheck. It’s pricey. I’ve learned some tricks though that have dropped my food bill by about 25%. It mostly just entails paying attention.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is #1 in Ratings

Yay! We voted with our remote! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution came in number one for it’s time slot beating out all competitors including the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Over 7.5 million Americans sat down and watched the 9 pm Friday night episode on ABC.

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World Fitness Day ~ May 1st

Lord knows there are tons of “days” out there. Various groups try to attract a little attention by declaring a “day” and then holding some sort of festival. Sometimes it really takes off, “Earth Day” for instance and sometimes it’s a bit of a flop, April 17th is “National Cheeseball Day,” is anyone planning to celebrate that one? Now we have World Fitness Day.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: The Chicken Nugget Fiasco

The beginning of episode two opens with our intrepid food revolutionary back at the radio mike defending a newspaper article that slagged his efforts to fight obesity in Huntington, WV.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Vote with your Remote

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution debuts tonight with a double episodes beginning at 8 pm on ABC. It’s rare that we as Americans can make a difference by being couch potatoes, but today is one of those opportunities.

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Weekend Warrior: Basketball

The NCAA basketball tournament is going on and perhaps you’re inspired to shoot some hoops with your friends this weekend. Here’s some things to keep in mind.

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