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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Episode 3 Recap

Jamie Oliver focuses on the kids in this episode. Driving the point home that eating well will only help our kids live better lives.

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Let’s Move Gains Peeps!

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is gaining momentum. Even the Peeps are getting in on the act. To see more Peep dioramas please go here. Happy Easter everyone.

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Weekend Warrior: Golf

We’ve had some whiffs of warm weather in the Northeast and Tiger will soon be on the hunt on the greens again. This might put you in the mood to swing those clubs with gusto. Your hopes set on glorious drives and ridiculously accurate putts. Here are some ideas to help you prepare for your first tee of the season.

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Gruve to Lose ~ a New Gadget

The Gruve is a little device that clips onto your waist and keeps track of your movements throughout the day. You download the days activities into a computer program and it shows you how many calories you burned during the days and which times of day had the most activity.

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High-End Groceries at Low-End Prices

My local wholesome grocery store is Whole Foods. Most of my clients at my Pilates studio (and these are relatively affluent people) refer to it as Whole Paycheck. It’s pricey. I’ve learned some tricks though that have dropped my food bill by about 25%. It mostly just entails paying attention.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is #1 in Ratings

Yay! We voted with our remote! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution came in number one for it’s time slot beating out all competitors including the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Over 7.5 million Americans sat down and watched the 9 pm Friday night episode on ABC.

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