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World Fitness Day Announces It’s Schedule

World Fitness Day will apparently be just a tiny slice of the planet … although a star-studded event.

Jane Fonda has created the event to benefit her charity for teens at risk for pregnancy. She has several famous supports including Denise Austin, Billy Blanks, Ludacris, Richard Simmons and the Pointer Sisters.

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8 Easy Steps To Be Happy

I get asked all the time how I live my life. How many times a week do I exercise? What type of food do I eat? I’ve culled some of the major points below. Do I follow my own advice all the time, um, no … but I do try. What it really comes down to is applying the Golden Rule to yourself.

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This is Why You’re Fat: An Update

KFC is adding a new twist on the list of Why You’re Fat. It’s newest concoction, a bunless “sandwich” with two pieces of fried chicken sandwiching gobs of bacon and cheese. Ick.

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Thinner You, Healthier Planet

Alicia Silverstone is the poster child for living a thin, green life. This veganista walks the walk and has a smaller carbon footprint than most of us. She is an example of an article I read recently in Health Magazine. The thinner we are the less impact we have on our environment.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: TV & Food Ratings Both Down

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has dipped in the ratings. Both with TV viewers and with the kids eating his food.

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How to Organize a Charity Fitness Event

There’s a lot going on in the fitness industry these days. Michelle Obama is encouraging people with “Let’s Move,” and May 1st is World Fitness Day. You might feel inspired to do something in your community but have no idea how to begin. Here’s a little roundup of articles from the web to help you get started.

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