O’Neill 365 Review

I really like the O'Neill 365 Endurance Bra.

I recently got a full workout ensemble from O'Neill 365 and I've been testing them out for a few weeks now.  Specifically, the company sent me a pair of capris, a hoodie with built-in earphones, and a sports bra. I'm quite picky about my sports bras and was very skeptical (as I always am) that O'Neill 365's would work for me.  I'm, um, not petite in that category, so I really need my bra to work.  After several Spin sessions and two-mile jogs, I can happily say this bra does what it needs to do.  I also have a tendency to switch from sports bras to more comfy bras, but I've worn it twice now at my Pilates studio and didn't think twice about changing out of it when I got home from my clients.  That is always a good sign. The hoodie itself is totally my color in a fun green and the hood drawstrings are actually wired for sound with ear buds that slip comfortably into your ears.  I laughed when I saw it because I didn't even realize O'Neill was sending me something with that feature.  I wore the hoodie and the sports bra for a run along with the capris. It was kind of fun listening to music through an article of clothing and it was one less string to worry about while running. I highly recommend the sports bra and I think the hoodie is fun and comfy.   The capris were fine; they stayed on my bum and didn't go anywhere during high-impact sports or a Pilates mat session. (Full disclosure: I'm an Advisory Council member for ActivewearUSA.com (a site with over 90 brands of women's fitness clothes) and O'Neill 365 gave me these clothes to try for free.  I was not told what to write about the clothing.)

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  1. Heather Steele June 19, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    I am going to have to try that bra – I am also not petite in that area and always have trouble keeping the girls in place. I have to double up alot of times on sports bras just to feel comfortable. Not fun.

    Can you wash the hoodie without damaging the earbud/drawstrings?

  2. Lisa Johnson June 19, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    Hi Heather, yes, I’ve washed the hoodie a few times now and no problems on the headphone I do let is air dry though, haven’t tested it in the dryer but the tag says it’s safe. As for the bra, I still have that sucker in heavy rotation and it definitely works great on runs … about as bouncy as you can get. L–

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