Mother’s Day Fitness Gifts

mother's day fitness gifts

Love this runner's necklace I found on Etsy!

Perhaps your Mom or the mother of your child has been hinting for some Mother's Day fitness gifts? Well there's a right way and a wrong way to do this. After all, you don't want her to open the gift and say, "Do you think I'm fat?!" Yep, that would be BAD ... so here are some great ideas to make the Moms in your life both happy and healthy.

Mother's Day Fitness Gifts

Time.  Number one on every Mom's list is time!  Write up a gift certificate for her to redeem a day where you watch the kids and she has a night off to work out. Maybe she can go to that barre class she's been talking about ... or go for a run with a friend. Whatever it is, give her the time to do it. New kicks.  Nothing motivates me more to exercise than new sneakers. Buy her a cute new pair in fun colors and let her be inspired to sweat. As fitting is important, perhaps go with her to the store to make sure what you buy are the best choice for her. Workout with her.  I've been working on this with my husband for years. See, I like to have some company when I get out and exercise. We've slowly added running, kayaking, and now tennis to our list of things to do together, and it's great to work up a sweat up with him. If this is for your actual Mom, remember that she's a bit older and meet her where she is. Maybe a walk once a week to catch up or a round of golf even. It's just as easy as a cup of coffee and  a whole lot healthier. Fitness jewelry.  There are a lot of ways Moms can wear healthy reminders. I saw these kettlebell charms on Bonnie Pfeister's blog and thought they were great!  I also love these marathon charms which are personalized with the race, date, and time ... How cool would these be for a runner? Restorative gifts.  That spa day becomes very healthy when you think about how it'll help her de-stress. So would a series of yoga classes at her local studio or even some meditation tapes or books on finding balance. All of these are great Mother's Day fitness gifts as far as I'm concerned.   Part of being healthy is to know when you need to unwind and rest. My husband asked me what I wanted and honestly I have no idea ... except I know it involves an experience more than a concrete gift. Maybe our first kayaking trip of the year?  That would be nice ... and a good book in my favorite chair. How about you? What Mother's Day fitness gifts are you thinking of for yourself or a loved one? Cheers, Lisa  

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  1. JoAnn May 8, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    I also love jewelry from Endorphin Warrior. Each piece has a motivational word like “Persevere” or “Relentless” on it. Very cool.

  2. Lisa Johnson May 10, 2013 at 10:43 am #

    Thanks for adding that JoAnn :-)

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