Last Chance to Vote with Your Remote

Jamie Oliver is capping off his six episode run of "Food Revolution" tonight.  It's his last chance to get our attention.  It's his last chance to try to change the way we eat in the United States.  He'll only succeed if you vote with your remote. Of course there will be a happy ending.  We will be brought to tears and inspired to act.  We will root for the little guy and I'm sure they'll be  a happy hug between the show's "villains" Rod from WDGG and Alice Gue from the grammar school kitchen staff.  (I'm at least rooting hard for Alice to see the light.) And then the ratings will be posted (#1 in it's time slot the last 2 weeks, hopefully again tonight) and then we'll turn back to our lives and forget.  We'll take a half-hearted stab at some small changes and essentially do nothing ... Or will we If you believe in Malcolm Gladwell's theory of Tipping Point we've never been closer than we are now ... here's what you can do.
  1. Talk to your kids about what they choose to eat in school.  You can tell them to choose the white milk over the dayglow pink strawberry stuff.  They'll listen.  Show them Jamie's show for inspiration.
  2. Talk to other families in your school district and organize a petition to improve your school's lunch program.  Find some organized parents (think PTO Moms) and get them on board with you.  Be prepared to fund raise to help your school get the program off the ground.
  3. If you'd like to eat healthier seek out a class that shows you how.  Lots of community programs offer classes or pick up a healthy cook book and try out a few recipes.
  4. If you do eat healthfully have a dinner party and show people how delicious eating healthy can be.  Send your guests home with the recipe cards for them to try out on their own.
We can make an impact in our community and let the ripples spread across the country.  If we get enough people causing ripples imagine what we can accomplish. Step 1.  Watch Food Revolution tonight.  Have your hankies handy.

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