“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”: Vote with Your Remote

Something I'm very passionate about is coming around again.  Jamie Oliver is about to embark on his second season of "Food Revolution" on ABC. All I can say is, "Yay! Bring it!" His first season debuted to record-setting ratings and helped get his second season green- lighted.  I believe he has already had an impact in our kids' school systems as more and more parents are paying attention to what goes in their kids' stomachs at school. Jamie also highlighted the need for healthy eating to begin at home and taught hundreds of the local citizens of Huntington, West Virginia how to cook with more nutritious food during season one. Now he's tackling the mean streets of L.A., or at least from the highlights, the mean corridors of the education board.  Large cities like Los Angeles have some very tough problems to deal with; besides lack of education for living a healthy lifestyle, you've got gang-ridden streets that aren't the safest to play in, limited park access, and grocery stores with less than fabulous produce available. I was surprised to learn about the volume of food in the LAUSD (Los Angeles United School District). They serve over 650,000 meals per day, 180 days per year. Whoa. That's a lot of crappy food going into a lot of kids. Further, the food is cooked in a centralized kitchen, packed in plastic, and reheated in microwaves onsite for the kids to eat. Wondering what's in that plastic ... BPAs? It's a big commitment that Jamie is taking on and I hope he'll have some successes this season. Here's where you come in Watch it!  Tell your friends it's on.  Don't just DVR it, watch it live so the ratings numbers will hit, and we can give him a push for his second season.  Even better, be sure to tweet and post on Facebook during the show to help spread the word live to get your friends and followers to tune in.  Yes it's up against "The Biggest Loser," but if you're passionate about "BL" then you can watch "Food Revolution" live to send a message to your town and our national government that we care.  Set the DVR for "Biggest Loser" instead. (The show is way better that way anyway, you can whiz through all the cheesy commercials and bad product placements.) Here's a 9 minute clip from the show where parents bring their kids' school lunches into to Jamie's Kitchen to see what their kids are getting. Please join me and vote with your remote. Watch Jamie Oliver and "Food Revolution" on ABC live on Tuesday night at 8 pm ET (check your local listings). What do you think? Are you glad that Jamie is back? Do you think he'll get into the school systems? (Otherwise it might be a short season ...) Here are some posts I did for Season One. Cheers, Lisa

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