Jackie Warner: Let’s Get MetaPhysical

I had the chance to interview Jackie Warner last week for AOL's That's Fit.  I always hesitate a bit around fitness celebrities because they tend to be more flash and less substance.  As far as fit celebs go, Jackie is one of the better ones.  While she has an online certification (negative) it is a pretty thorough training regimen (positive).  I watched her Bravo TV show Workout and she always cued well and kept the clients safe.  She challenged them in a way I thought was appropriate (postive, positive, positive), although sometimes she would use pop psychology which I think can be dangerous (negative). We were both waiting for the PR company to connect us but they never did, so she just picked up the phone and called herself (very classy, I appreciated it a lot).  Jackie answered my questions honestly and I can tell she really believes in what she's doing.  She truly wants to change peoples lives.  Towards the end of our conversation she spoke about something called "metaphysics."  She actually has been using the term "MetaPhysiques," a way to use positive thought and imagery to get the body and health that you want. I asked her to describe it and she said, "Metaphysics is energy work and I do it through tools like visualization.  It’s about changing your environment around you with your energy." The Book and Diet Plan I thought that what Jackie  described was cool enough that I got her book "This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever)" (affiliate link) and read it cover to cover.  I was impressed at her research (a couple of quibbles about cohort sizes, but I went and found other studies that back up her findings).  She does a pretty good breakdown of how the body balances itself, talking about organs and hormones and how they work together.  I actually found it better written than Dr. Oz's YOU: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management (affiliate link) and I like that book quite a bit too. The book details a diet and exercise plan that is pretty rigorous.  Sugar is cut down to the lowest point possible; she cuts out the empty carbs and starches, is a big fan of whey protein, and allows for two cheat meals per week.  Her weight training routine is pretty tough but she cues well and the photos show the moves well.  If you follow her plan, you should definitely see changes in your body. The MetaPhysical Part One chapter of her book is dedicated to mindset.  Her theory is that people are overweight because of one traumatic incident that happened early in their lives.  Our coping mechanisms for that moment developed into food, a safe "drug" that is socially acceptable. We need to stop negative thinking, replace it with positive affirmations, and move on from our trauma to find our true, happy, and thin selves.  We'll always be struggling with diets until we get our heads fixed. I agree with all of this.  The term metaphysical threw me; I'm an East Coast girl and this seemed pretty California woo-woo, but when you look at the research, everything Jackie is saying is true. How This Applies To You If you're not happy with your weight you need to do three things: 1.  Eat Better Find an eating style you're happy with and can live with long-term.   Watch your calories but allow yourself indulgences (in moderation) because otherwise you'll just be miserable and ultimately you'll fail with your weight loss goals. 2.  Exercise Almost every study on weight loss points to exercise as being crucial to maintaining health and your waistline. Find a variety of fitness activities you can do that keep you trim and challenged.  Keep progressing; keep trying new things. 3.  Mindset Add meditation, positive affirmation, journaling, support groups (online or in real life), self-help books, whatever gets you to stop hating your body and start seeing all of your positives.  You're strong, resilient, beautiful, graceful. Stop the negative talk and self-doubt and embrace what your Mama gave you. Of course you can use Jackie's book as a primer and incorporate the parts that resonate with you.  I, for one, am heading back to meditation, something that works well for me when I'm consistent.  The other thing I'll say is that I don't really have negative self-talk around my body image, but I do have negative self-talk in other ways.  This book made me realize my negativity can be just as damaging as thinking I've got a big butt. So thanks Jackie, a little enlightenment is a good thing.  What do you think?  Do you use positive self-talk?  Has it worked for you? Would love to hear your stories.  :-) Lisa

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7 Responses to Jackie Warner: Let’s Get MetaPhysical

  1. PilatesGirl September 7, 2010 at 1:49 pm #

    Great post, Lisa! I watched “Workout” from the beginning, but stopped after the third season, after getting a bit tired of all the drama. A really good review and nice to know that she’s not some bitchy reality diva.

  2. RunToTheFinish September 7, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

    I read the book and really like it a lot. The only thing I didn’t get was how someone was supposed to do the weights session in 30 minutes, that seemed impossible from the few times I tried to follow the whole thing.

    I like the intervals she describes and I like the way she talks about what foods to ADD to your diet. Definitely isn’t the perfect diet for someone like me that is marathon training, but seemed like one of the better things I’ve read in awhile

  3. Lisa Johnson September 7, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Amanda, you always have to take all diet books, even super respected ones like the Mayo Clinic diet with a grain of salt. There is no “one diet cures all.” It just doesn’t exist. Everyone is different and doing different things (like your marathon training) and you need to take the advice that resonates with you and give it a shot.

    As for the training in 30 minutes, it was designed to elevate your heart rate so that you’re getting cardio as well as weight-training. Known as a two-fer. BUT (big but here) it is better to go slow than risk injury. As you become more familiar with the exercises you can pick up speed and as always a session or two with a personal trainer will go a long way. :-) thanks for commentings.


    I stopped at the 3rd season too. As a Pilates studio owner I was really appalled that she was sleeping with her staff. Just seemed really out of control and a good way to wreak havoc with your business …


  4. NYCEsthy Karen September 7, 2010 at 10:14 pm #

    California woo woo! I love you, Lisa!

    And YAY! Thanks for this assessment of her book. I was curious about it. I liked her Bravo reality show, and read an interview with her in a fitness mag plugging the book and liked what she had to say. But I was really on the fence (the reality show trainers get to me too). But it sounds like it’s worth checking out.

  5. Lisa Johnson September 7, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    I’m glad I bought the book it made me think. I definitely won’t do all of her things but I have been more aware of my sugar intake and I’ll give her workout a go. It’ll be fun for variety and it’s definitely not for the meek. :-) Thanks Karen …

  6. Harley Cronley February 20, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    What is the study of new thought metaphysics? I think it depends on how you use it. In this case, they are using it to stay healthy and fit. The power of thinking is definitely not something that you can play with.

  7. Lisa Johnson March 8, 2014 at 9:18 am #

    the more I learn the more I realize how much power the brain has, you’re right, not something to mess with. :)

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