Is Egg Yolk Bad For You? Apparently, Yes

Eggs are bad for you ... again.

What do eggs—more specifically egg yolks—have in common with smoking?  Apparently both can kill you at about the same rate. You wanna know how many eggs (with yolks) I used to eat a week?  About 15!  I should keel over any minute. Why? Becaus according to the Los Angeles Times, if you're over 40, the number of egg yolks consumed accelerates the thickening of the arteries at almost the same rate as cigarette smoking. Sigh. As part of my quest for weight loss, I've ditched starchy carbs in the morning (think cereal, oatmeal, basically my entire former breakfast lineup) and substituted protein and lots of fruits and vegetables. For breakfast most days that means eggs. It just seems wasteful to not use the yolk, plus it's a bit tastier so I usually keep 'em, scramble in some onions, and voila, breakfast. But not this past week as I carted home a small vat of egg whites from the grocery store.  It still feels so wasteful to me ... where did those yolks go? ... and I mixed in only about two yolks over the entire week.  Turns out husband and son both prefer the flavor of just egg whites, so now I'm out-voted.  Egg whites are my new normal. Of course there are a slew of studies saying eggs are good for you, yolks or no, and the official egg board people think it's just fine to keep using yolks however you please. But my husband has a slight cholesterol issue and so does my Mom, so I want to stay on the safe side of my gene pool and keep my hubby around as long as possible.  He's tall with long arms and this comes in quite handy when I need to get things that are out of reach or kill bugs on the ceiling. Will there be another study saying yolks are good for us in another six months? Probably. Will I be sticking with egg whites? Probably. I'm not kidding when I say I plan to live to 100 and I'll take every advantage I can get.  By the way, researchers from the study suggested no more than three yolks per week, but that figure includes what we digest in things like bread ... Whatever you do, be on the lookout for those labels. Cheers, Lisa

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3 Responses to Is Egg Yolk Bad For You? Apparently, Yes

  1. Curlsz August 30, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    That study was such bull, thankfully Adam Bernstein, editor of Livestrong, wrote a counter article tearing the study apart, pay attention to who they used in the study, what a joke!! If you don’t follow Adam already in my opinion he’s worth the follow, he did a big experiment with eggs as well, results were fantastic.

    Here is his rebuttle

  2. TraceyJoy August 31, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    Maybe true maybe not. I eat full egg veggie omelets almost 3 days a week, I too Lisa gave up the starchy breakfast foods as well, body works better without them in the AM. Every so often I think the “in the know” folks like to scare people into a new frenzy over what is good and bad. Everything in moderation and eat a variety when it comes to food. I’d probably be a corpse if I paid attention to all the no no foods that someone said were bad for me. Egg white omelets rule too. If there is an issue already then proceed with caution. Thanks for bringing this to light :)

  3. Lisa Johnson September 3, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    Curlsz, thanks for the info … checking now. :-)

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