How to Hit Two Holes in One? Pilates!

Could you hit this from the tee? twice?

It's exciting just to see it on TV. The rare event when all things line up in pure perfection and a golfer scores a hole in one.  Even for a pro it's rare and a moment to savor.  Jack Nicklaus has the same number of aces as major championships: 20. And this past weekend, Jonathan Byrd won the Las Vegas PGA event with a hole in one on the 4th hole of a sudden-death playoff. For an amateur, it's an even better moment, a great story for every post-round watering hole.  But I think sighting a unicorn might be more likely than two holes in one during one round. On the front nine no less! Yet, Lindsay Merrithew (get ready to be a trivia answer Lindsay) achieved it last week, overcoming 67 million to 1 odds. Congrats Lindsay, I'm proud to say I know you ... Way back in 1999, before Stott Pilates was one of the huge entities in the fitness industry, it was Moira Stott and Lindsay (they are happily married) who were working long hours getting their business off the ground. I've met them both, worked with them both, and think they're pretty awesome. I even received some of my mat training from Moira and she chuckled as she gave me my practical exam where I managed to do the Seal correctly for the first time. She had watched me struggle with it all week. They're good people and it's great to see something so amazing happen to them. I'm glad Moira was in the same foursome with Lindsay and she got to witness the whole thing. That's pretty cool too. Did I mention that Stott Pilates has an excellent line of DVDs specifically geared towards golf? Yup, you might want to check 'em out, clearly it's working ... There are a lot of pro golfers who use Pilates as part of their training regimen. Stars like Annika Sorenstam, Tiger Woods, Camillo Villegas, Mark O'Meara, and Phil Mickelson all practice Pilates regularly, and all but Villegas have won multiple major championships. Pilates is a well kept secret for a lot of professional athletes. From golf to gymnastics, basketball to baseball, dressage to ballroom dancing, many top athletes integrate Pilates into their programs to train their core and keep themselves strong. So give it a try; who knows what feats you can accomplish, on the golf course or anywhere your athletic abilities take you.  What do you think about Lindsay's amazing accomplishment? Any golfers out there want to give Pilates a try? If you like this post and would like some more tips on living a health life, please sign up for our email newsletter. It's over at the top of the right column.

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