How To Buy Fitness Gifts Without Getting Them Mad


A great gift ONLY if you know the recipient wants it.

This is a delicate topic ... You love to live healthy and you have a loved one who could, maybe, use a little nudge. Perhaps they've even said that they'd like to do more and admire what you do. It crosses your mind to get them a little something as a gift for a boost, but you don't want them to say: "Did you buy this for me because you think I'm fat?!" Yeah, that's never a good outcome. How do you navigate the emotional landmines and still encourage and treat your loved one with fitness gifts? I've got some ideas ...

Make It a Group Activity

Think of something fun that they'd like to try and do it with them. Buy hiking boots and plan a jaunt together or get passes at the local cross-country ski track. Maybe hire a personal trainer and have a session for both of you. This way it becomes an "experience" as well as a healthy activity and it's a win/win for everyone. Best of all, you're showing how much you care by spending time with them. Isn't that what we all want?

NEVER Buy Fitness Clothes

OK, I admit I buy activewear bottoms for my sister-in-law because I know she loves them and I can get them at a discount. But, it took five years before I even thought I could get away with it! My actual twin sister? Not in a million years! No matter what it was fitness-related, she'd kill me. Unless the recipient specifically gives you sizes and perhaps even forwards you a link, don't buy clothing. The last thing you want is for the outfit to be too small (they'll think they're fat) or too big (they'll think YOU think they're fat). Just avoid the whole thing all together.

DVDs Are Safe!

If you work out with fitness DVDs then you've got experience with them. If a friend or family member comments on how great you look and you tell them about the DVD you're using at the moment, then by all means pick a copy up for them. Keep it a casual gift though, something like, "We talked about this a while back and I thought you'd like a copy to try yourself. Let me know if you like it."  Leave it at that; if you see it in their home in six months, still in its plastic shrink wrap, don't say a word.

Keep Your Ears Open About Fitness Gear

Listen to your loved one as they talk about fitness. Maybe they've got a set of dumbbells and they're getting strong and need to pick up some 10-pounders to go with the eights. Now there's a great gift idea. Or maybe they saw a hooping video and thought it would be fun to try. Do a little research and surprise them. Do not take it up to a level they're not at yet, though. In other words, don't take that 10-pound weight and decide they need a 30-pound kettlebell instead ... Meet them where they are and they'll be so much more appreciative. How about coming home with an elliptical or a treadmill as a surprise? You know, one of those couple thousand dollar thingies? NOT a good idea. Most treadmills become super-expensive clothes hangars. You should only do a splurge gift if you know the person truly wants it. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to buy a fitness gift without getting anyone mad at you! Feel free to treat yourself with a new toy or gizmo when you're in the athletic store too. Keeping things fresh will keep you happy and that's important too. Cheers, Lisa

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