How Many Calories Do You Tweet?

There's a reason the twitter bird is no so svelte ...

There is now a little web app called TweetCalories where you can go and figure out how many calories your "tweeting" has burned in the past 24 hours. The program, according to Mashable, assumes you type on average 6 character words and you type about 60 wpm.  You then input your twitter name and if you're male or female and the app will spit out your calories burned while tweeting.  For the record mine was 19.73 calories. What is quite brilliant about this whole thing is it's a marketing ploy for Companhia Athletica an athletic training company with several fitness/training products. So how long does it take to burn 20 calories for the average 150 pound person?  Not too long, here's some examples ...
  • 2 minutes of moderate bicycling
  • 5 minutes of playing golf w/a cart
  • 5 minutes of moderate walking
  • 4 minutes of giving a massage
While twitter can be an excellent place to get fitness advice.  It's not a great place to get a workout.  ;-) What do you think? Lisa GHNFXMN19431973

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2 Responses to How Many Calories Do You Tweet?

  1. Ann Handley May 17, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    I disagree… I’m banking on Twitter making me fit. I type 90 words per minute… so I burn one-third more calories than the average user, right? So there you go.

    p.s. Kidding. : )

  2. Lisa Johnson May 17, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    LOL, I almost put something like that in my post … I type as fast as you do … :-)

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