How I Stay Fit With Kids Underfoot


Playgrounds can be for Moms, too.

Today's guest post is from Angela Hoffman and is for all the Moms out there trying to balance fitness and family. I'm a busy Mom and I know I'm not alone. Most of you are nodding along thinking, "Yeah, what else is new?" If by chance you're a Mom who is thinking, "Gee, I wish I had more to do," could you please share your secret with the rest of us? I should also let you know I am a home school Mom to three amazing kiddos, all under the age of 12 years old. They are super cute, funny, energetic, loving, and smart, and I love spending my days with them! All day … everyday ... we are together learning and sharing.But, they are with me all day, everyday, which also presents some challenges. "Me time" just isn’t always easy to come by. Neither is extra money for me to pursue some of my interests. And yet, being able to pursue these interests is absolutely crucial to our family’s survival! "Me time" includes having time for working out. Being healthy is not an option and not something I am willing to sacrifice. For a while, my “me time” was going to outdoor bootcamps; tire flipping, burpees, running up hills, planks. They were challenging, but fun. I got stronger with each class and learned a lot about myself! As I mentioned earlier, both time and money for such things can run short from time to time, so I also need a workout routine that isn't going to a class. This means getting creative, both with the workouts themselves and finding the time to do them with three kids, two dogs, and a busy hubby. My kids are pretty fit and sporty, so when I want to exercise, they will often join in or even help me out. They probably don’t know it, but they are my inspiration for keeping fit and strong. Witnessing their dedication to sports and making healthy choices at such a young age, I can’t help but want to keep up! Staying flexible is key, both for what time of day as well as what type of workout I do. Sometimes I'll have plank contests with the kids (they always win) or see who can do the most push-ups. If the weather is nice, we head outdoors; I run with our dog and my kids hop on their bikes. Since I'm not much of a runner (5K is about my max), I'll mix up my run with exercises along the way. I'll do push-ups and crunches or use the park benches or playground equipment for box jumps, pull-ups, tricep dips, etc. The kids will climb on as well and soon we are all working out. I'll even have them watch my form for proper alignment. They have fun pretending to be my coaches, but best of all, I am setting an example of taking care of me. When I need to workout indoors, I will do my push-ups and such, or more recently I have been looking into Pilates and have found some really great videos that seem to be working for me from the Lisa Johnson Fitness YouTube channel. The things I love about Lisa’s videos are that she always has beginner and intermediate demos of the exercises, she shares some great information about exercising and keeping fit, and she is a lot of fun! I am worth it to take care of myself, and more importantly, my family is worth it! Instead of putting off my workout because my kids are around, I keep at it, and because I do, I am hoping that keeping fit and taking care of ourselves will just be a natural lifestyle for them. Take the time to find what kind of exercise regime works for you. Consult professionals to help get you started and on track. Save up some money and take a fitness class of some sort to learn about exercise and what you like. When I started to workout more seriously, I was also just finishing up a round of physiotherapy to help fix a hip injury. My kids got to witness and be a part of my recovery. They saw me progress from doing a standing push-up against the wall to modified push-ups to all the way to full push-ups. They saw me go from running only one block to hitting the trails with a friend while they biked and me completing 6K!! They cheer me on, they get involved, and we all feel great because of it. So to all of us Moms out there …We Can Do It! We can stay at home with the children and we can keep fit! Angela Hoffman has been homeschooling her three children since 2006, doing her best to go with the ebb and flow of life.  She is the main contributor to, a site dedicated to supporting HomeSchoolers and their journeys.

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