Gym Boss: A New Fitness Gadget That Actually Works

I was recently given the Gym Boss to evaluate.  Turns out I like it.  It's a simple device (really just a timer) that lets you set intervals to get your workouts in with no cheating. Full disclosure: they sent me one to evaluate for free. The device is a timer geared towards optimizing workouts. You can use it as a stopwatch or just to set a time period for exercise, say a 20 minute jog around your neighborhood. But it's true usefulness comes with being able to set two separate interval times. For instance, say you do a set of 10 reps in 90 seconds. Then you rest for 90 seconds. You can set the timer to beep every 90 seconds so you don't rest too long. This takes away the cheat, optimizes the load on your muscles, and saves you time.  You'll actually have a more effective training session completed in less time.  How cool is that? I've been using it for interval training for cardio on my Spin bike. I'll set it for 2:30 for a hill climb and then 2:00 for recovery. This means I'm out of the saddle doing a hard hill climb for 2 1/2 minutes and then down in the seat at a lighter resistance for 2 minutes. I definitely get a better workout because I'm not stalling on the lifts or sitting down sooner than I should. I also don't have to watch the clock and do math which is a godsend; math is not really my thing. Another good application for the Gym Boss is the Couch to 5K program. It would be great for that!  I can also see this being a good tool for trainers with clients.  It's easy to get distracted with conversation during a rest period.  The Gym Boss will keep everyone on track. You can set the device to vibrate, vibrate with a low beep, or vibrate with a loud beep, which is pretty darned loud; definitely loud enough to be heard in a thumpa-thumpa gym setting.  I prefer the vibrate though; it keeps it discreet and not distracting to anyone working out near you. On top of that it's pretty cheap; only $19.95.  So I recommend it.  Thanks to Gym Boss for sending it to me. Lisa

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