Funny Friday: Office Pilates

I'm a big fan of Pilates humor, having been the owner of my own studio since 1999.  One of my favorite funny things isn't even a joke; it's that the phrase "What are Pilates" gets nearly a million Google searches every month.  I guess we still have a way to go before everyone knows about my favorite form of exercise. My all-time favorite Pilates cartoon is from Harold's Planet and is called "Pilates for Wine Lovers".  Well, it seems as if Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazer, the folks behind the Harold's Planet cartoons, are big fans of Pilates as well.  Here's one of their pieces I hadn't seen before called "Office Pilates".
Office Pilates

If you like Harold's Planet's Pilates cartoons (they have even more they've drawn), you can actually buy them or a t-shirt or mouse pad or any number of other items at the Harold's Planet Pilates Shop.  This way you can have a smile any day of the week or have a great new shirt to wear to your next Pilates session. Have a great (and laugh-filled) weekend! Lisa

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  1. TraceyJoy March 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    LOL too funny Love the last one, hahahahaha, gotta get a mouse pad now

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