FitBloggin ’13 Recap: Be With Your People

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I go to techy/geeky events fairly often. Nearly once a month I'm hanging with people, a drink in my hand, and a name tag plastered to my chest.  Conversation flows, new people are met, cards are exchanged, hugs happen even. But it's nothing like FitBloggin' ... these are my people. FitBloggin is in its fourth year and it attracts a wide swath of weight loss bloggers, nutrition bloggers, and fitness bloggers. I'm guessing there were over 300 people in attendance and I easily converse with at least 25% of them regularly online. We all follow each other, comment on each other's blogs, give each other "atta girls/boys." We are constantly peaking into each other's lives. Which is why I could just plop myself down on the bus next to Gail Spencer and talk to her for a whole day and feel completely comfortable. Why I squeaked a little when I finally met the twins Alexandra and Kimberly because I love their sense of humor and their great, smart approach to fitness. Why seeing Emmie in her fabulous outfits made me grin from ear to ear. Why having lunch with Leah Segedie and Alicia Benjamin was like reconnecting with high school buddies. And why seeing Alan Ali and all that he has achieved almost made me cry. (Don't want to forget hugs and conversation with Deb Roby too!) Tamara Grand has this amazing presence in person, this easy way that you just absorb and relax in. Carla, aka MizFitOnline, has such a big heart -- how can such a tiny person have such a big, big heart? And having drinks with Margo (BrooklynFitChick) and Brandi Koskie (Diets in Review) and her husband Shelton was so. Much. Fun! Drinks spilled over into a superb Italian dinner hosted by the elegant Leslie McClure  (411 Video) and I only left because I had to get to the airport in time for my flight. Yep, I had fun until the last possible second. It doesn't really matter where FitBloggin' is held (Portland, OR this year), it feels like home. A big thank you to Roni Noone for putting together an amazing, amazing event. Next year will be in either Nashville or Austin (they're still deciding). I'm not strongly into one over another, but I'm leaning towards Austin, mostly because I hear the Shiner Bock beer and BBQ is to die for. (Yes, you're still reading a fitness blog.) The Nutrilite / Trout Lake Farm Tour I was one of the lucky ones to go on this tour. I initially had a lot of resistance about it because Nutrilite is owned by Amway. I'm not sure how you feel about MLMs (multi-level marketing companies). Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about them. But I was very excited about touring a commercial herb farm and seeing fields of echinacea. The farm is extremely well run, 100% organic, and I was blown away impressed. We were also given a wide array of Nutrilite supplements to try. I am currently working with a naturopath, so I'll check them with her before I start, but if I'm going to pick a supplement, I now have a lot of confidence in their products. They convinced me that they truly care about quality ... it just showed from top to bottom on the whole tour. (Full disclaimer: I did take the immunity supplements after getting hacked on in the airport on the way home ... figured it can't hurt!) One slight bauble ... I jumped off a tractor wheel and had a slight tweak when I landed, prompting a few icing sessions for my ankle and an ace bandage, but it was fine after a day. If you saw me gimping around a bit, that's why! My Video SEO Talk  I gave a talk on "Video SEO" and I was so excited to share my information!  There were a lot of nodding heads, a lot of questions, and a lot of note scribbling, so I think I gave out some good info. I can't wait for people to start sharing their YouTube videos with me, especially Suzanne Digry who promised to get over her perfectionism and just do it! Next year I'd love to do this as a longer session where people bring their laptops and we go through the process together. That would be very cool. Alright, I've blathered on enough. I had an awesome time, can't wait to go again, and big hugs to everyone at FitBloggin'. If anyone has a question from my session, please ask away and I'll be happy to answer below. How was FitBloggin' for you? Cheers, Lisa

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  1. Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana July 1, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

    Fabulous recap! And what a good idea to do YouTube vids at the next Fitbloggin. I picture a supportive environment that would erase self-consciousness and the need to be perfect. Thanks again for your encouragement!

  2. Lisa Johnson July 2, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    Yes Suzanne, but you have to do a bunch before then too. :-)

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