Fight the Common Cold With Veggies

Chicken soup and salad can help us recover quickly from a cold.

We're in the beginning of cold season.  Some snuffles, a head that feels like a cement block, the desire to just crawl into bed and wake up a few days later are all quite possibly in our future.  We know that chicken soup can go a long way to making us feel better, but how about a salad on the side? A study from the University of Medicine in Berlin suggests that keeping your fruit and vegetable intake high, especially during cold season, can help prevent colds.  It makes sense that having all those antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in your body will give your immune system some ammo to fight the bad guys.

What to Eat With the Flu

The Berlin study had participants take Juice Plus, a dehydrated fruit and vegetable supplement in pill form.  One group had Juice Plus daily, the other a placebo.  Although both groups had the same amount of colds, the Juice Plus group had milder symptoms and shorter durations. But you don't have to take a pill, you can increase your vegetable and fruit intake by, ya know, eating some fresh produce or by juicing too.  So think salad or smoothie if you're feeling under the weather. I have to admit this is counter-intuitive for me.  I tend to just focus on keeping my fluids up and sleeping; what I eat is an after thought and tends towards comfort food, which might not be all that healthy.  When the next cold comes my way I'm definitely going to reach for a salad along with my chicken soup.   What about you?  Will you consider it the next time?  What about taking a supplement like Juice Plus throughout the season to avoid the full brunt of a cold? Cheers, Lisa

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