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Fashion Week in New York is a furious pace.  Show after show, shuttling from the tents at Lincoln Center to Milk Studios and other shows around town.  There is just never enough time.  If you get the chance to pee regularly, you consider it a victory. I'm here for my second time to cover the Spring 2012 collections and it's been a lot of fun.  I've already been spotting celebrities and enjoying shows.  Some observations, both fitness related and non ... Fashion Week Diet I was joking that I'd lose weight from all the rushing around and the sparse availability of food and my friend entirely agreed.  He said he usually loses five pounds every time he covers Fashion Week.  I'll be doing a post later about the Fashion Week Diet (yes, it'll be tongue in cheek). Spring Fashions Are Flowy There are a lot of soft shapes for spring 2012 which are very forgiving for your lower body.  You're legs and bum won't have to work as hard next year.  There were, however, a lot of bare arms, fitted tops and open back styles. We're going to need to sculpt arms, lose back fat, and flatten tummies if we want to pull off the sleekest of styles. The Tents are Getting Healthier Last year there were bags of Pop Chips everywhere and after three bags, no one wanted any more.  This year we've got FiberOne bars and Kefir (a type of yogurt).  They've also got a better cafe this time around with salads, sandwiches, and soup.  They're selling the usual junk food of muffins and cookies, but it's definitely a step up from last fall. Models and Muscle Models are usually just skinny, but I've seen a little bit more muscle tone here and there this year.  Stronger-looking legs and sculpted arms.  It's nice and I'd like to think the fitness industry is trickling over into fashion a bit. UNICEF is Here Heidi Klum is a spokesperson for UNICEF and they have a booth promoting their good work.  Fashion Week has a lot of heart and it's great to let it show.  If you're interested in supporting UNICEF, they have a large Halloween drive every year. Random Stuff
  • I met and saw Lisa Perry's line and I love her playful nod to the '60s.
  • Donna Karan looks great!  I saw her last night and she seemed to just be glowing.  She had a party at her flagship store to celebrate Marisa Berenson's new book and Marisa was there too.
  • The parties at Fashion Night Out that were the most successful were more than just fashion like Donna Karan's book signing event.  I passed by Ralph Lauren and it looked very quiet; I saw a waiter at the door with a tray full of wine peeping down the street to see if anyone was coming.  Other larger designers were quiet too ...
  • I've been to the party at the Assouline two years in a row now and I love it.  Always fun, always boisterous, great crowd.
That's it for now.  If you're at Fashion Week, let me know what fun things you're up to.  If you're not, let me know what you think about the spring trends and the bodies we're going to have to have to wear them! Cheers, Lisa

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