Diet Pool: Bet Your Way to Weight Loss

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Are you ready to push your chips in?

January 1st and the bathroom scale. Yep, we're contemplating it ... contemplating kicking it out a window. Losing weight can be a lonely business. Your friends and family happily eating carbs and sugar. And you're stuck with a plate of lettuce ... again ... blech. What if there was a way you could make it a little more fun? What if you could get a Diet Pool going with your friends? If you're successful, you win! If you blow it, well, your friends win, and you can cheer their successes on. Roni Noone of Roni's Weigh has done just this with a new site called where people can come together and lose weight together! I signed up, and checked with her, and Roni said that if any of my readers would like to join her diet pool, please do! It should be a fun and lively group and it's just $20 to get in. Right now the pool is up over $4,600! Yikes! It starts on January 2nd, so sign up before Wednesday. The last couple weeks of December have not been the best for staying in my skinny jeans. I'm hoping that Diet Pool will help quickly right the sins of peppermint bark and hot chocolate that I've been indulging in over the holidays.

Diet Pool Rules

What are the rules for joining in the Diet Pool?
  1. It's 28 days long.
  2. You have to weigh yourself and take a picture on Day 1 and Day 28.
  3. You have to lose 4% of your body weight to win (for me, that's just a bit shy of 6 pounds, or 1.25 pounds a week).
  4. You can comment as often as you'd like, but you have to be supportive. No meanies allowed!
  5. You do not have to make your weight public to be part of the group. The site has "verifiers" who will confirm your progress.
How you lose the weight is entirely up to you. I'm planning on going hardcore with the Smarter Science of Slim diet of which I'm a pretty big fan.  Anything from Weight Watchers to winging it is fine and within the guidelines. Of course, winging it might not be your best option. There are some pros & cons for doing this ...

Pros of a Diet Pool 

  • The camaraderie of losing weight with a group of supportive people.
  • A little friendly competition to keep you laser focused.
  • A short, reasonable goal so you don't feel bogged down by a huge commitment.
  • The ability to do a little reboot after the holiday season.
  • Studies show that going public with a goal makes you more likely to actually do it.

Cons of a Diet Pool 

  • If you have an eating disorder or eating disorder tendencies, don't go near this.
  • If you've tossed your scale and are quite happy, then this isn't for you either.
  • Focusing on a number on a scale is NOT the be all, end all. There are better ways to measure healthy living than simply how much you weigh.
I'm taking part in all of this with a grain of salt. If I don't hit the goal, I won't be shattered. It will be fun to watch my Diet Pool mates reach their goals and spend my money! I won't begrudge them a manicure, or if a bunch of us don't make it, their shopping sprees. And yes, I'm secretly hoping that I somehow am the only one who loses 4% and gets to keep the entire pool. Although I think I'd have better success with a lottery ticket. For the past two Januarys, I've committed to some kind of goal. In 2011, I followed "The 4-Hour Body" diet by Tim Ferriss. Last year, it was eating on a restricted food budget, which turned me on to the Smarter Science of Slim diet. It seems appropriate for a fitness blogger to do something in January, doesn't it? I've learned a lot by writing this blog over the past five years, so in 2013, I'll be combining my HIIT workouts with my Pilates workouts, ditching sugar and starches, and loading up on veggies, lean proteins, and a bit of fruit. Happy New Year and best of luck on your resolutions and Diet Pools!

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