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New Study: Diet Pills Don’t Work

A recent study that looks at nine different dietary supplements has declared all of them ineffective.

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A Closer Look at Obesity

The 2010 rankings are out for obesity in the US. The numbers are increasingly worse with only one area improving over last year, the home of Mrs. Obama, Washington, DC.

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How Fat is Your State? 2010 Results

Despite top ranked TV shows, a strong push from Michelle Obama and the US Government, Americans continue to slide deeper into obesity. All states continued to pack on the pounds. Only the District of Columbia improved. (Maybe Mrs. Obama is having an impact afterall.)

I’ll be dissecting the study more tomorrow. Here’s the ranking for today. How did your state do?

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Healthy Food for Busy People

Let me guess. Being healthy and eating good food is important to you – probably very important – but you really get sick of all the time it can take. Not just the actual meal preparation, but the shopping, the planning, and even just thinking about it. Sometimes it would be easier if you could just replace your meals with pills and be done with it. Of course that wouldn’t really be much fun, and realistically, it wouldn’t be very healthy either, would it?

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How Much Sugar Do We Eat?

The average American eats 36 teaspoons of sugar per day! Over 160 pounds per year. Are you one of them?

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90 Day Challenge: Dealing with Food

What Betsy found she’s struggling with this week is food. Always a source a frustration! Here’s a few quick tips to keep your food intake in check.

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Should Health Insurers Charge Overweight People More?

Should health insurers charge people more money if they’re overweight? They want to.

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Feminism Makes You Fat

A rather provocative headline isn’t it? There is a little ripple going around foodie circles right now though that states just that. Let me state that these are progressive, liberal people making this claim and they actually have a bit of a point.

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