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thanksgiving turkey

Surviving Thanksgiving

Not your family … your dinner plate. How do you make it through Thursday without overindulging? Here are some strategies proven to work.

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Book Review: Tory Johnson The Shift

Tory Johnson The Shift. The “not a diet” book dispenses potentially harmful advice to her fans. A nutritionist helps explain why.

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Tory Johnson, Tory Johnson the Shift

Tory Johnson’s The Shift: Why She Doesn’t Like Me Right Now

Small business expert and “Good Morning America” contributor Tory Johnson is about to release a book this Tuesday entitled “The Shift”.  The book chronicles her experiences over the past 18 months as she lost 60 pounds. A producer suggested a stylist which Johnson interpreted as a threat that her “GMA” job was on the line, […]

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84 Causes of Obesity

There are 84 causes of obesity. Here’s why this disease is so complicated and tough to treat and why those fighting it need our help.

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bringing lunch to work, brown bag lunch

Bringing Lunch to Work: Is it Really Healthier?

Bringing lunch to work seems like the healthiest option, but there are pitfalls. Here’s how to stay healthy and slim with these simple tricks.

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Healthy Living Books That Inspire

Choosing the right healthy living book can be really tough. Here are some great books that have inspired me to eat more, exercise more, and be happy.

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obesity in the US, obesity

The Government CAN Help Obesity: Here’s How

Obesity is rampant in the U.S. and our government has done little to help us. Here are some cheap, effective ideas to get started.

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summer diet traps

Summer Diet Traps: How to Steer Clear

Summer diet traps are all around us, from a pool party to a picnic. Here are strategies of what to eat and how to move to stay svelte all summer.

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