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straphangers, subway commuters

I Know What Happened to Charlie: The T Killed Him

Did he ever return? No he never returned. ‘Cause he’s dead. A fitness pro gets used to the daily commute.

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5 Stupid Fitness Resolutions

Well it’s that time of year again and I’m supposed to say encouraging things to get you to be even more healthy next year.  I’ve spent the last four years going over ways you can make and keep those New Years Resolutions so this year I’ve decided the heck with that.  Let’s be snarky instead […]

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How To Buy Fitness Gifts Without Getting Them Mad

Remember that time you gave your honey a super cute spandex outfit and she got all red and blustery and threw it in your face? I’ve got some ideas to avoid that …

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zombie run

The Reluctant Hubby: Zomba!

What happens when you combine Zumba with zombies? Only the most pop culture-rific workout you can imagine!

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Ursula Andress

The Bond Girl Workout

Wouldn’t you love a license for looks that kill? Try the Bond Girl Workout and men will look at how you’re shaken, not stirred.

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Happy Halloween

The Reluctant Hubby: Hips Don’t Lie

As we get older things start to hurt. For no reason. Just ’cause your body feels like it. What can you do to make yourself feel better?

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trash can

The Reluctant Hubby: Life is a Competition

Sport need not be football or tennis. There is competition in nearly every aspect of life and you can find yourself to be a champion in any different ways.

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The Reluctant Hubby: The Summer of Slug

How did I do on my 100 days of summer activity? Read on and find out.

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