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philip seymour hoffman

When Famous People OD

I took the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing stoically, mostly shrugging it off and watching the collective wail for wasted talent echo through social media.  I have a friend who works in drug rehab and when I ask her how her practice is going she always responds, “some are going up, some are going […]

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Injury Won’t Heal? Could Be Your Mind

If the healing process is taking too long, it might be your own actions that are causing the delay. Here are things to avoid doing while recovering.

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Book Review: Tory Johnson The Shift

Tory Johnson The Shift. The “not a diet” book dispenses potentially harmful advice to her fans. A nutritionist helps explain why.

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Tory Johnson, Tory Johnson the Shift

Tory Johnson’s The Shift: Why She Doesn’t Like Me Right Now

Small business expert and “Good Morning America” contributor Tory Johnson is about to release a book this Tuesday entitled “The Shift“.  The book chronicles her experiences over the past 18 months as she lost 60 pounds. A producer suggested a stylist which Johnson interpreted as a threat that her “GMA” job was on the line, […]

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84 Causes of Obesity

There are 84 causes of obesity. Here’s why this disease is so complicated and tough to treat and why those fighting it need our help.

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body hackers, calipers

Body Hackers and Measuring Your Body

Body Hackers are very fond of keeping track of bodily functions. ALL of them. The scale is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at what else they do.

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bringing lunch to work, brown bag lunch

Bringing Lunch to Work: Is it Really Healthier?

Bringing lunch to work seems like the healthiest option, but there are pitfalls. Here’s how to stay healthy and slim with these simple tricks.

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sugar cravings, sugar cravings at night

Junk Food, Sleepless Nights and How to Block Sugar Cravings

A new study looks at sugar cravings and sleepless nights. How hard is it to resist, especially when we’re tired. We’ve got 5 tips to help you win!

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