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The Boston Marathon Cometh: I’m Not Ready

Last year I was playing tennis with my family when we heard the bombs go off. I looked up to the clear blue sky and thought maybe it was a plane going by; one of us said it was probably a truck. About an hour later I knew what happened because a couple dozen people […]

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A New Chapter for My Fitness Life

Opportunities come when you least expect them sometimes. And my new one is the chance of a lifetime.

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body hackers, calipers

Body Hackers and Measuring Your Body

Body Hackers are very fond of keeping track of bodily functions. ALL of them. The scale is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at what else they do.

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fitness friday, bowling

Fitness Friday: 10 Ideas to Move!

Fitness Friday! Here are some fun activities to try out this weekend from bowling to “sports that take longer,” we’ve got you covered.

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Healthy Living Books That Inspire

Choosing the right healthy living book can be really tough. Here are some great books that have inspired me to eat more, exercise more, and be happy.

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Is “All Things in Moderation” a Crutch?

The problem with letting things slide is when “moderation” becomes a daily occurrence. Here’s how to reverse the slide off the edge …

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Spa Junkies: An Underground Cult?

Do you crave relaxation, sweat, pampering, and a beautiful locale? Then you are one of the Spa Junkies, an underground cult that is gaining speed.

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seated meditation, benefits of meditation

Seated Meditation: Another Perspective

Seated meditation is a great way to find your Zen. But it might not be the best way for you. We explore all the options for you to find balance.

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