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david ortiz 500 home runs, big papa 500 home runs

David Ortiz’s Road to 500 Home Runs

Big Papi, we love you!!  

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philip seymour hoffman

When Famous People OD

I took the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing stoically, mostly shrugging it off and watching the collective wail for wasted talent echo through social media.  I have a friend who works in drug rehab and when I ask her how her practice is going she always responds, “some are going up, some are going […]

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what is rolfing

What is Rolfing? I Give it a Try

Rolfing is a sometimes brutal approach to releasing tension in your body. Here’s what to expect as well as its benefits.

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2011 US Obesity Rates

How Fat Is Your State? The Latest Rankings

Americans keep getting bigger as obesity rates climb once again. How fat is your state?

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clothes rack

How Do You Measure Dress Size? Even the Stores Don’t Know

Dress sizes are all over the place and vanity sizing has gotten out of control. I’ve tracked down the variations in sizes and compared them to what a size 8 used to be. You’ll be surprised.

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Exercise Gadgets of the Near Future

There are always new fitness gadgets hitting the market. Here are five that are worth taking a look at from high tech headphones to surfing in your gym.

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