Biggest Loser Season 14 Begins it’s Juggernaut

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Who will be transformed this year on the Biggest Loser?

Jillian Michaels is leading the marketing juggernaut that has just begun on next Season's Biggest Loser.  This time there will be three teams and kids will very much be part of it as the show tackles childhood obesity. Let me just start off by saying the kids don't get voted off ... they'll be there for the duration (whatever that turns out to be) and the press release didn't mention it but I hope with at least one parent.  The kids will also be contributing in different ways to the challenges the show is known for, and right in there with the adults.

Jillian Michaels and the Biggest Loser

Jillian Michaels has the rare ability to come and go as she pleases from a highly rated TV show.  Something tells me it makes Bob a little jealous.  This is her 2nd return to the show most recently after taking time off to have a baby (carried by her partner Heidi Rhodes) and to adopt a two year old Haitian toddler.  Yes, Jillian Michaels has quietly come out as being gay and no I don't care, I hope she's happy and I'm sure she's really tired!  Congrats on quite a year. The show is touting her new Mommyhood as an extra special reason why she's so passionate about childhood obesity.  To me it's laying it on a bit thick, BUT I'm happy to see any time spent highlighting this very serious issue.  It's been a passion project of mine for years and getting this out in a big way can only be a good thing.

Celebrities on The Biggest Loser

So I'm hoping for Michael Bloomberg to show up on the Biggest Loser.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  They could talk about the programs that he's doing as the mayor of New York City that specifically target childhood obesity and Type 2 Diabetes and how effective it's been!  I honestly have no idea who will be showing up but I'm sure you'll see a parade of Hollywood parents talking about the childhood obesity issues they know little or nothing about. While I'm on a snark roll ... there is a Jillian Michaels fat picture when she was a teen and weighed 175 lbs ... I'm sure they'll be pulling that one out again.  Perhaps they'll be other Hollywood types divulging their not as svelte pictures.  The reason for my snark on the Jillian picture by the way was that she was definitely overweight, but not battling the obesity that the contestants are.  It always rang as a bit false to me when she tells them, "I understand, I was in your position."  To me, having a bit of a struggle would definitely help her to relate but it's not the same thing as being an adult, being morbidly obese for years, battling health problems, and probably some pretty low self-esteem issues.  That's a much bigger ball of wax with some very real medical, psychological and family impacts.  Not quite the life of a Hollywood celebrity with tons of money, a gorgeous wardrobe, etc.

Injuries and the Biggest Loser

Injuries seem to be common on the show, some past contestants have talked about it and the training regimen isn't just zero to 60, it's zero to 120!  The last couple of season's they've been editing around a LOT of the workout sessions.  You tend to see the same moves over and over again and most of the time seems to be spent on treadmills and ellipticals where form is easier to control.  So you can't really judge the trainers by their ability to train anymore.  There's a lot more time spent in some sort of confessional or "touching trainer moment" outside on the stairs of the gym. But you'll be able to spot Biggest Loser injuries here and there, look for band aids, wraps, etc. on the contestants.  It's a bit of a sport for me every year.  Hopefully the show will continue to refine it's training techniques and continue to improve.

Dolvett is My Favorite

Dolvett is definitely my favorite trainer.  Why?  Because he's bloody gorgeous!  He also seems to be wowed by the whole experience of being on the Biggest Loser and he had worked with the morbidly obese population (at least a little bit) before he came on the show.  He does seem to truly have passion for what he's doing and I think he's a bit of a goof ball too which is charming.  So yep, if I was picking a trainer to kick my butt, I'd be picking Dolvett. What do you think?  Are you looking forward to another season of the Biggest Loser or are you going to skip it this year?  What do you think about having kids going through the grueling paces of a show like this?  What do you think about Jillian being back? I'd love to hear your opinions. Cheers, Lisa  

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3 Responses to Biggest Loser Season 14 Begins it’s Juggernaut

  1. Malita December 5, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    The show that people either love or love to hate, I think it gets more attention from fitness bloggers, who love to hate it, than anyone.

    Once the sob stories and tear jerking music took over the show I was out, too much.

    On Jillian and her fat days. She’s never claimed to have been obese. When I was in high school I was 5’4″ and 185ish lbs, but to me i felt like I was 300lbs, low self esteem, my body ached, I was terrified to try even the simplest forms of exercise for fear of being judged, wouldn’t even go to a gym. I don’t think I needed to be 300 lbs to understand some of their fears and insecurities, I know how I felt and that was enough, I don’t ever want to be that person again because now I know what it’s like to feel and be on the other side. She could have stayed on the path she was on and gotten bigger and bigger, but instead something came into her life that changed all that and she wants others to know they can have the same opportunity. I get it.

  2. sabrina December 7, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    I was a big fan of Jillian michaels until she started putting her name on diet pills and fat burners! I like bob on biggest loser, but I think i’d like the show better if they’d have different trainers each time. Lets give other half certified trainers a chance to show there stuff on TV! I’d like to say the show motivates me to work out more, but with all the boo-woo about how bad there life is at there weight makes it no fun! They are getting a second chance they should be a little more excited!
    I’m curious how this season will play out!

  3. Lisa Johnson December 9, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    I do think it’ll be an interesting Season Sabrina, I’m a bit gun shy about the kids being on the show. I hope they don’t exploit them with painful, drawn out moments … I hope they let them be kids and laugh and joke while they get healthier. I also hope they don’t beat them into the ground like they do the adults … that wouldn’t be cool. L–

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