Airport Fitness Tips: 5 Ways To Get You Through Travel Days

Don't let the stress of holiday travel derail your healthy lifestyle

Today is the busiest travel day of the year.  Many of you will be fighting crowds, likely not all that full of holiday cheer, as you try to make your way to friends and loved ones. It can be hard to think about living healthfully when you’re crammed into a seat like a sardine, but here are five tips to ensure you have a smooth and healthy trip. Give yourself plenty of time. Don’t rush to the airport at the last minute and grumble and shuffle as you wait for the security line to start moving. Reducing stress will go a loooong way to helping you make smart decisions all day. You don’t want to rush by a fast food restaurant and “just grab anything” because you’re late.  Even worse, you don’t want to be so late that you don’t get a chance to grab any food and have to console yourself with high-calorie, high-salt airline food. Don’t sit around in the airport terminal. You’ve likely got a few hours when you'll be stuck in a seat on the plane, so pack light or check your luggage and then wander around the airport. You don’t have to work up a sweat (although you can), but just by walking you'll keep your limbs loose which will help when you do finally get to seat 17 D. Wear fitness clothes. By wearing a cute pair of yoga pants and a comfy, fitted top, you’ll be able to move freely regardless of what you’re carrying for luggage. I always travel in a cami, yoga pants, and a stylish hoodie. I fit right in with the crowd and I don’t have to worry when I’m putting something into the overhead bin. Scout out the healthy food options. Don’t stop at the first restaurant you come across in the terminal.  Scout around for healthy food options before you decide where to eat. Even better, check the airport's website before you fly and decide ahead of time the best bet for a good meal.  There are a lot of healthy choices available these days.  You should easily be able to find fruit cups, salads, and lean protein options. Better yet, bring healthy snacks from home with you and skip the high airport prices. Stretch throughout the day. Carrying heavy luggage, rushing from point A to point B, those cramped airline seats; it’s important to stretch! Before you board, move your spine around a bit to keep it loose and stretch your calves, which can tighten from long hours of sitting. On the plane, make sure you get up once or twice and move around the cabin, stretching anything that feels cramped. When you disembark, make sure you stretch and move around at baggage claim or, if you only had carry-ons, be sure and loosen up before climbing in a car for the ride to your destination. Have a safe and fabulous holiday!  May your vacation be filled with lots of love and laughter. Feel free to share your healthy vacation tips with us too.

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