20 Workouts in 60 Days

hula-hoopVariety is a great way to shock the body and keep the pounds coming off.  I challenge you to do 20 different workouts in 60 days.  That's a new way of moving your body every 3 days!  If you peruse the list, you might find some options you haven't tried in a while or some new possibilities that look intriguing.  Even if you don't take me up on the challenge, the idea is to have fun with the list and pick and choose options to spice up your workouts.  Enjoy.  1.  Running:  If you're new to running, start with a walk/run program like the one here.  If you've been running for a while, shake it up with a workout like this.   2.  Hiking:  Strap on your hiking boots, grab a map from the Appalachian Mountain Club, and go explore the wilderness.  The beauty will be so overwhelming, you won't even notice the fat cells shrinking on your butt. 3.  Pilates:  Whether it's a mat class or an equipment class, Pilates is tops for toning abs and arms.  You'll also feel refreshed when the class is over and surprisingly calm.  4.  Step Aerobics: A classic '90s workout that gets token placement on '00s health club schedules, but it's a fun class with relatively simple choreography and a great butt toner.  Give it a try.  There is also a great Wii Fit Step class program you can try at home.  5.  Golf w/out the cart:  Pick up those clubs and carry 'em yourself on the golf course.  You'll burn 1,284 calories by walking 18 holes (nearly 300 more than if you use a cart*).   6.  Spin Class / Biking:  Strap on a helmet and hit the road or visit your friendly local health club for a leg-toning workout.  Spinning is one of the highest calorie burns you can get in a gym.  An investment of 45 minutes will burn 696 calories** off your body.  7.  Yoga:  Yoga has a lot of options.  You can do everything from gentle, meditative yoga, to fat-busting, sweat-soaking workouts.  Count on a yoga class leaving you feeling calm, centered and toned.  I particularly like yoga for it's arm and back toning.  8.  Gyrotonics:  Gyro movements are performed on large pieces of medieval-looking equipment and frequently include circular movements and stretching/strengthening moves.  You can sample the Gyrotonic philosophy with their group exercise class, Gyrokinesis.  9.  Boot Camp:  These military-style classes have lots of gut-busting ab exercises, squats, lunges and pushups.  Get your GI Joe or Jane on and bust off a ton of calories.  10.  Frisbee / Ultimate Frisbee:  Yes, you can liesurely toss it back and forth and barely move from your patch of grass at the park. Or you can throw farther and run for your catches and get a great workout in.  If you're proficient at frisbee, take it to the next level with Ultimate Frisbee, a team sport that blends soccer and accurate arm tosses.  11.  Rock Climbing:  Look for a local rock climbing gym or join a class at a nearby park.  You definitely want a pro to show you the ropes before you go out on your own and never, ever climb in the wilderness alone.  This workout will leave your arms feeling like putty. Your legs get a lot of action too. 12.  Kayaking:  A great upper body workout.  I am a fan of kayaking on my local river and it's a great family participation sport that everyone can get involved in.  If you're trying it for the first time, it's best to paddle up river first when you're fresh and then let the current help you back.  13.  Kick Boxing:  Another favorite of mine, this high-calorie workout provides lots of opportunity to get your stress out and will leave your t-shirt soaked.  All the punches and kicks turn your arms and legs into jello.  14.  Volleyball:  This plyometric sport relies on explosive movement.  You must quickly move from low, "dig" positions, and then jump to hit the ball over the net.  Core is important here as you quickly change directions with the movements of the ball.   15.  Wii Fit:  On a rainy day, this is a good option.  It takes a while to get up to levels that I consider strenuous enough, but the balancing exercises are great and surprisingly challenging.  There are a variety of workouts to choose from so have fun exploring.  16.  Hula Hooping:  Relive your childhood with the adult version of this great exercise.  By using weighted hoops, participants learn to keep their hoop going and get a great ab workout.  17.  Dance Classes: Tap into your secret desire to be on "Dancing With the Stars" and take your partner out for tango lessons.  Or relive your ballet classes of yore with a barre class for adults.  A great zippy class to try in a gym setting is Zumba.  Whatever appeals to you, you'll burn calories as you glide across the floor.  18.  Ball Class:  Standing on the floor ~ easy.  Standing on a big inflatable ball ~ nearly impossible.  Use this three dimensional object to take your workout to the next level.  Even a simple ab crunch becomes challenging as you engage your core and try to execute the move without falling off. 19.  Hire a Personal Trainer:  Let's face it.  If you've been lifting weights in a gym and you've never hired a pro, you're probably doing it wrong.  A trainer will quickly design a workout for you that is effective and safe and will leave your musculature balanced and toned.   20.  Surfing:  If you're coastal, this is a great way to bond with nature, tone your legs, and engage your core.  Plus all the paddling you do to get to that perfect wave takes a lot of arm work.  This is another sport that you should try first with professional guidance.  Alright, who's in?  If you want to join me, just leave your start date in the comments section and post back every 3 days with your new workout.  There are a bunch of other options that didn't make the list; feel free to add your own as I'd love to hear what you're doing.  I would like to thank @tkpleslie for inspiring this post.  Thanks so much. :-)    *Calories for golf based on a 4-hour, 18-hole course w/150-pound person.  **Calories for Spinning based on a strenuous class for 45 minutes w/150-pound person. For a great calorie counter look at self.com.

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  1. gloriakt June 17, 2009 at 12:01 am #

    what an excellent idea! It’s kind of like a less intense P90X – leveraging different muscle groups. do you happen to have any alternative for us who can’t complete certain exercises – i.e. surfing. unfortunately, i’m land locked :)

  2. Lisa Johnson June 24, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

    An option to Surfing? How about roller blading or roller skating.

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